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Yigit Pura, Mourad Lahlou Get Shirtless For a Good Cause

Yigit + sprinkles
Yigit + sprinkles Photo: Courtesy of Meals on Wheels

San Francisco has some hot chefs. We said it. Many know it. Women and men alike have drooled over Facebook photos of Yigit Pura’s abs. Fifth Floor’s David Bazirgan even won a national prize for his hotness earlier this year. And now, as the Scoop reports, Meals on Wheels is capitalizing on this potential for a fundraising effort: a 2012 calendar which features coverboy Yigit, topless and covered in colored sprinkles; Aziza’s Mourad Lahlou just showing off his pecs; and Bazirgan showing off his tattooed guns while holding a large fish. We’ve got to hand it to Meals on Wheels for knowing that sex, and skin, are what sell calendars. Bonus: The full shots of Yigit and Baz are below.

There’s a launch party for the calendar on October 19 at Macy’s Union Square Cellar (170 O’Farrell St.) at 6 pm. Get tickets for that here, or pre-order your own calendar here. Other chefs posing include Dominique Crenn, Kory Stewart (Americano), and Mark Dommen.

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Yigit Pura, Mourad Lahlou Get Shirtless For a Good Cause