Wisconsin May Repeal Margarine Ban

Butter is better.
Butter is better. Photo: Wisconsin Historical Society

Hasn’t Wisconsin suffered enough this year? Now “America’s Dairyland” has to deal with a state representative who wants to repeal a 44-year-old law that makes it illegal for restaurants to serve margarine as “a replacement for butter.” Republican state Rep. Dale Kooyenga calls the law “silly” and “anti-free market,” which very well may be true. But it has also led to such advancements in modern gastronomy as the gloriously over-the-top butter burger and at least one funny T-shirt design. However, notice the use of the word “replacement”; currently, restaurants can serve margarine if they also serve butter.

Which means that margarine is already available to those who want it. We have a feeling that no one is going to start subbing out butter for the fake stuff anytime soon. (All those butter burgers are probably safe.) The group that will see the biggest change will probably be Wisconsin’s criminals, who currently get to devour real butter during meals, even though margarine costs a third less. That should teach them to behave.

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Wisconsin May Repeal Margarine Ban