Whole Foods and JP Get Creative; A Frat Boy’s Sudsy Wet Dream

• The Jamaica Plain Neighborhood Council might “creatively redesign” a good-neighbor agreement with Whole Foods in the hopes that they’ll sign it; previous attempts have been rejected because the council’s requests were unprecedented. Sigh. [JP Gazette]

• Well, here’s a frat boy’s literal wet dream: A big rig carrying cases of Bud Light flipped over on a Sacramento highway, sending beer everywhere. [CBS Local Sacramento]

• Ruth Reichl on the next big topic in food politics: “The real issue is those people out there in the fields, surrounded by pesticides for their entire lives … The real issue is the fact that agriculture in this country can’t operate without illegal labor.” Come to think of it, neither can restaurants. [Inside Scoop/SF Gate]

• Since the September 11, 2001, attacks, the country has spent $3.4 billion protecting the food supply, a fragmented system where “nobody’s in charge,” as one official says. [AP]

• No doubt in a last desperate effort to at least make someone pay for music, record labels have become way more vigilant in the past few years about forcing restaurants to pay for background music. No word about whether they crack down on hold music. [HuffPo

Whole Foods and JP Get Creative; A Frat Boy’s Sudsy Wet Dream