What’s Cooking at Osaka, Opening Mid-September on Hollywood Blvd.
Osaka’s nitai tiradito

L.A.’s favorite Peruvian chef emerged through hard-work and humility. But our next Peruvian-influenced restaurant is more of a Hollywood blockbuster. Osaka, operated by Adolfo Suaya (Surly Goat, BoHo) and designed by Spacecraft, is opening this month on Hollywood Boulevard as a multi-room exploration of Peruvian cuisine bearing amped-up Asian profiles, with tiraditos, causas, ceviche, and anticuchos all included. Based on a South America-based fusion restaurant chain of the same name, with a lot of the same players consulting on the L.A. edition, Osaka holds an enclosed pisco garden and ceviche bar, in addition to its dining room and showy touches like an entrance that finds you crossing a pool of water on a stone path. Then there’s the food, which includes sweet potato-topped ceviche rolls with crispy quinoa, raw fish shaped like rose buds in a Thai-influenced tiradito, and parmesan scallops served on the half-shell, then lit on fire. Check out some of the dishes that will be served at Osaka, as well as the well-produced space, in our slideshow look at the forthcoming restaurant.

Osaka, 6327 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood.

It will be easier to enter then leave, we fear, especially after some infused pisco.
Coming mid-September to Hollywood Blvd.
Featuring tuna with chalaquita and chives, crab with avocado and rocoto cream, and ebi with red curry and leek sauce.
Topped with sweet potato and stuffed with crispy quinoa, in addition to raw tuna, and kyuri, on a base of yuzu and lemon drops.
This Thai-influenced tiradito uses coconut milk, scallions, and togarashi seasoning.
Set aflame.
Fish with mushrooms.
What’s Cooking at Osaka, Opening Mid-September on Hollywood Blvd.