A Look at What’s Cooking at Eric Greenspan’s The Roof on Wilshire
Pancake lasagna will be there!

Eric Greenspan knows his cooking. But maybe as importantly, the man really knows his eating. This much is evident when glimpsing what the chef can cram into a single grilled cheese at The Foundry or his ability to meld pancakes and lasagna while popping up at Tart. On September 22nd, Greenspan will grand-open The Roof on Wilshire, located seven stories above Mid-City at the summit of the newly opened, boutique Hotel Wilshire. What’s the chef preparing?

Here Greenspan is going straight for fun, gratifying comfort eats to complement the rooftop’s boundless views and poolside nooks, cooking up new creations for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and as a foil to both classic and proprietary cocktails from Jay Perrin and Mike Tipps. Putting his indulgent spins on each meal, from a pancake lasagna for breakfast to nori nachos and a burger at dinner that he claims will rival The Foundry’s, Greenspan’s menu might not be perfect for your pool-body, but it will be perfect for the party we sense brewing this way. Come take a look at The Roof on Wilshire’s space and Eric Greenspan’s new dishes in our slideshow.

The Roof on Wilshire, 6317 Wilshire Blvd. Mid-City. 323-852-6002.

Opening on Wilshire at Crescent Heights.
This is how you know it’s an Eric Greenspan joint.
These arancini-like orbs came with an apple-gorgonzola dipping sauce.
The chef plans to bring a full-service restaurant to a lower floor of the hotel and debuts on Fix This Kitchen tomorrow at 9:30 A.M. on A&E. Also, the man’s honoring 9/11 by giving free drinks to all firefighters on Sunday after 6:00 P.M.
Greenspan’s breakfast selection includes his multi-layered pancake lasagna, stuffed French toast, waffles, crab cake benedict, and egg sandwiches with cheddar and avocado.
We’re going to need some great Bloody Mary’s, STAT! The restaurant also serves a Bloody Ichiban with wasabi and soy.
Greenspan’s lunch selection includes reuben and tuna nicoise sandwiches, with an excellent use of different breads like challah and rye.
Likely due to the heat, salads and sides are a particular strength at The Roof. Greenspan’s reinvention of the Caesar can be seen on the left. His lardon brussel’s sprouts with sweet and sour onions also proved popular.
Served in a toss of grapes, cherry tomatoes, peppers, and pesto.
Tuna tartare served with crispy rice cracker chips and spicy salmon roe, from the bar menu.
Drinks are excellent here, with Greenspan jokingly referring to his bartender, Mike Tipps, as the “only guy crazy enough to serve eight foot drinks by a rooftop pool…our insurance premiums are sky-high.”
Greenspan plans entrees of duck breast, crispy pork belly, scallops, and this filet of beef and crispy skin salmon.
In the face of Sang Yoon’s refusal to accept Greenspan’s burger challange, the chef says he’ll put his Wilshire burger up against The Foundry’s, even betraying a possible, slight preference for his new burger.
Part of it anyway.
A Look at What’s Cooking at Eric Greenspan’s The Roof on Wilshire