What’s Cooking at Eat.Good.Clean.Food
Farid Zadi’s seafood paella

What’s cooking today at Culver City’s new Eat.Good.Clean.Food may not necessarily be what’s on the menu tomorrow, as the selection will transform each week to the whims of its owners. This chef-driven restaurant and European market project from husband-and-wife Farid Zadi and Susan Park is still developing its multi-faceted front, while the buzz that skilled, Lyons-born Zadi feels at having his own independent restaurant (and space for his Ecole de Cuisine Los Angeles) is more than palpable. We asked Zadi for a look into his kitchen, so we could glimpse a few of the restaurant’s early creations, so far a visually captivating melange of Spanish, North African, and French cuisine bound by California’s bounty, in arrangements both classic and contemporary. Take a look at what Farid Zadi is cooking in the first days of Eat.Good.Clean.Food.

Zadi’s pâté has only been available seasonally, until now, at The Cheese Store of Beverly Hills. Each week, he plans two different types of pate and two kinds of weekly sausages, while his merguez will be a menu mainstay.
Zadi also prepares pastilla with Jidori chicken.
Zadi’s side notes indicate fried shallots and Parmigiano-Reggiano on a brioche bun.
Real Spanish churros with a chocolate sauce.
Prepared in the Alsace style.
What’s Cooking at Eat.Good.Clean.Food