What You Missed at Chicago Gourmet 2011 (Chef Edition)
Chicago Gourmet

With the threat of torrential thunderstorms looming overhead all weekend, everyone worried that Chicago Gourmet would get washed out this year. (We, on the other hand, hoped for a chef led mudslide to compete with the ones at Lollapalooza.) Instead, beyond some muddy pathways and the damp air, the weather mostly cooperated, leaving us to talk about the actual food and drink at the festival. For our first recap of the event, we decided to focus on the incredible number of chefs that were cooking over the weekend in Millennium Park. But first, how did the festival compare to last year?

In short, the event seemed well-run and a definite improvement over last year. Though there were still long lines, they seemed to move more quickly, which was probably due to the better layout.

Which didn’t mean that we were able to get around to see everything. The festival was way too massive to cover completely, and there were some moments when we couldn’t decide whether to sit and watch a demonstration by Stephanie Izard, or check the offerings of Tru’s Anthony Martin. Needless to say, it was a good problem to have.

The slideshow below is just a peek into what we witnessed. Let us know what you think.

What You Missed at Chicago Gourmet 2011 (Chef Edition)