What to Eat at The Tamale Guy Truck

The Tamale Guy is almost ready to roll.
The Tamale Guy is almost ready to roll. Photo: courtesy of Twitter

The Tamale Guy truck is planning to start up next week. Of course, this isn’t the first truck to hawk these Mexican snacks on the street, but we’ll never turn down the chance for a good tamale. On the other hand, there already happens to be a rather famous Tamale Guy in this town, and it is unclear whether this new truck is the same guy or not. (At this time, we’re still waiting to hear back.) That said, if the tamales on the official menu are any indication — poblanao and corn, chipotle pork, herb roasted chicken — it appears that this is definitely not the same person.

If you’ve ever gone out drinking in Wicker Park, Bucktown, or Logan Square, you’ve probably run into the Tamale Guy. He delivers freshly made tamales in his little red cooler to bar-goers across the city. He is a legend, mysteriously never showing up until you’ve had at least two or three beers. Of course, his real name is not Tamale Guy — it’s actually Claudio — everyone just calls him that. (Gapers Block has an amazing profile of the man from 2008.)

We’ll just have to wait to see whether The Tamale Guy truck holds up. Follow its Twitter feed to check for its location.

The Tamale Guy Menu [JPEG]

What to Eat at The Tamale Guy Truck