What to Eat at Tashan - Opening Tonight

Chefs Sanjay Shendhave and Sylva Senat
Chefs Sanjay Shendhave and Sylva Senat Photo: Courtesy Munish Narula

Tashan, the newest addition to Munish Narula’s local empire is ready to open. Grub Street’s beem looking forward to this for a while now and we’ve told you about the secrecy that Narula’s latest venture has been shrouded in. Luckily, we’ve gotten a hold of Tashan’s opening menu, and we’re sharing it with you. So take a gander at the small plate menu and decide what you should be eating tonight, Thursday, September 8, at 8pm, at Tashan’s grand opening.

Tashan 777 S. Broad St., Philadelphia (267) 687-2170


Sigri (Charcoal Grill)

Clay-baked Potato Chaat
White sweet potato, tamarind-mint-cilantro puree, black rock-salt, broiled cumin

Shikaari Quail
Apple wood smoked ‘Hunters -style’ quail, three onion confit

Sigri Chaamp
Lamb chops, ginger, Cashmere paprika, honey-mustard-papaya marinade

Naga Beef Sümi
Sliced and marinated beef loin, scallions, soy Naga reduction, cucumber-peanut relish

Whole Dorade
Coriander-Cumin crust, gently baked, lemon-lime relish

Baby Octopus Nicobari
Spanish rock octopus gently braised, Tribal red bell pepper sauce

Goan Masala Dusted Lobster
Whole lobster tail, shaved coconut, cardamom-lobster butter, white corn curry

Mangalorean Sausages
House made chicken vindaloo sausages, chili-paste, bed of Bombay Bhel

Tandoor (Indian Clay Oven)

Petite Vegetables Sariya
Fire-roasted Baby vegetables, Paneer, smoked sea salt

Venison Soolay
Wild Venison loin, roasted-garlic marinade, smoked-clove, dark rum & plum chutney

Chopan Kabobs
Pounded lamb, chili powder, Tashan garam-masala

Tandoori Jumbo Shrimp
Cream cheese, fenugreek, carum seed toasted yellow pea flour, coco essence

Burra-Gosht Boti
Aged Beef steak cube, ginger-garlic, Nutmeg-yogurt marinate

Tawa (Flat Grill)

Palak Tikki
Spinach patty, paneer-pistachio center, Saffron-Morel mushroom cream

Fennel-scented diver scallop, South Indian moille sauce, green tomato jam

Chilka-style Black Bass
Pan-seared, Traditional Oriya Curry froth, apple-fennel salad

Galouti Kebab
Lamb-leg, 3 Fragrant spices, yogurt-mint chutney, silver leaf

Aloo Tikki
Potato patty, lentil center, sweet and spicy tamarind chutney, stewed yellow peas

King Crab Tak-a-Tak
Warm Alaskan crab, scallion & ginger, spicy Malmi glazed

Tashan Hai

Hollow durum puffs, spicy potato, injected with tangy mint-cilantro water

Goat Cheese Taftaan
Monte-chevre, flaky onion seed-bread, Tripura pineapple-raisin preserve, crystalized-ginger

Malai Kofta Lollypops
Yukon potato, Paneer, 9 spice, cashew tomato sauce

Tashan Paneer Pizza
Indian inspired lentil-fenugreek dough, Tikka paneer, chilies and buffalo mozzarella

Royal Baby Spinach-Arugula Salad
Candied pecans, wild cinnamon dressing, Mango, California frisee

Chicken Patanga
Supremes roulade, nuts and onion-raisin stuffing, micro’s

Xacutti Pork Tenderloin
Palm vinegar, 21 spice Xacutti marinade, Aloo soufflé

Kashmiri Lamb Shank
Braised bone-in, Cashew-fennel seed sauce, seedless dates

Bombay Bhel
Spicy Puff rice salad, Red onion, peanut and chick peas

Breads, Etc.

Tandoori Roti
Whole wheat bread
Lachhedar Parantha
Layered Whole-wheat Bread


G.O.C. Naan
Medley of garlic, onion & coriander

Peshawari Naan
Stuffed with nuts and raisins

Chef ’s Basket
An assortment of our selection of breads ‘all in one basket’

Tashan Biryani Layered Rice
Chef Choice Meat & Veg, check with your server

Butter Chicken
Tandoori chicken in a tomato-butter-cream sauce

Baingan Bhartaa
Smoked Eggplant, mustard seed, tomato, asafoetida spice

Dal Makkhani
Classical creamy velvety black lentil stew

What to Eat at Tashan - Opening Tonight