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What to Eat at Patrón’s Hacienda, Opening on Friday

Get ready for some tequila shots.
Get ready for some tequila shots. Photo: courtesy of Patron’s Hacienda

Wasn’t it just last week that we were discussing the opening of a massive new Mexican restaurant in River North? Anyway, it’s a new week, and Patrón’s Hacienda plans to open this Friday. Everything about the opening is huge, from the number of seats (200), to the menu (29 pages long, though we trimmed it down to 10 — you are welcome.). Along with loads of traditional Mexican restaurant entrees, Patrón’s Hacienda is also stressing its steaks and chops, which will all be marinated in the owner’s “family recipe.” (And don’t worry, the name has nothing to do with brand name tequila.)

Patrón’s Hacienda will be open at 5 p.m. for dinner seven days a week. It’ll also be open late: Sunday through Thursday, the restaurant will stay open 2 a.m., while on Saturday it won’t close until 3 a.m. Next door to its dining room is a “sports cantina,” where you’ll be able to watch the game on one of the 18 flat screen TVs.

But we’re more interested to see how it will compete with the other great Mexican options in River North. It’ll definitely be on the more affordable side, with most items costing less than $20, and the most expensive, a porterhouse, topping out at $24.95. Check out the full menu below.

Patrón’s Hacienda Menu [PDF]

Patrón’s Hacienda, 316 W. Erie, Chicago, IL 60654; 312-642-2400

What to Eat at Patrón’s Hacienda, Opening on Friday