Westside Story: The Game Gets Booted From Santa Monica’s Hillstone

Now that works!
Now that works! Photo: Patrick McMullan Company

Compton-bred rapper The Game beefs with everybody, from 50 Cent to Jay-Z to Rass Kass. But yesterday, he found a new target for his oh-so-marketable wrath: Santa Monica’s Hillstone restaurant. Apparently, this former Houston’s refused to seat The Game, who came in for a bite, but like the song, he really “wouldn’t get far.”

At issue was the man’s choice of haberdashery, as he entered the place dressed in a tank top, no doubt exposing his bullet scars and Bloods tattoos, and making Santa Monica seniors exclaim things like “my heavens” and “why I never!” But instead of taking the diss as a sensible company policy that discourages such restaurant no-nos as vomiting into one’s plate and gang-related shootings, The Game took straight to Twitter with trademark bombast.

Proving that questionable restaurant puns are really best left to the professionals, The Game tweeted: “Houston’s just went from my favorite resturant [sic] to the “RACIST-URANT!” Uh, pretty clever, but the next few words from his thumbs are nothing but squeam-inducing, as he unfairly goes on to call the manager a “slave-master” (maybe he thought he was at “Soup Plantation?”).

Following the crushing rejection, The Game announced on Twitter, “Now headed to “Roscoes Chicken & Waffles” where us NIGGERS are tattoo approved 100% accepted.” Yes, we do believe that’s why S. Irene Virbila is such a fan.

Shortly thereafter, The Game again tweets “racisturant,” for no reason other than the fact that he’s so taken with his own wit, and then some white vegan person takes his side by refusing to go there too, and then The Game loses interest in the whole matter.

Meanwhile, the restaurant tells TMZ that The Game is welcome back anytime, as long he understands this is a restaurant and not a video shoot and finds some sleeves for his shirt. But that won’t stop the MC, whose new album just hit #1, from finding reasons to get mad and stay mad. Last month, the L.A. native proved the power of his 646,028 Twitter followers by twisting up the Compton sheriff department’s phone lines after listing its number for followers to call tin pursuit of an internship. Hate it or love it, Hillstone, it may be time to change your number.

The Game Restaurant BOOTED Me Because I’m Black [TMZ]

Westside Story: The Game Gets Booted From Santa Monica’s Hillstone