Both Webster Street Cafe and Al Primo Canto Close

Webster Street Cafe
Webster Street Cafe Photo: courtesy of Facebook

We have two unfortunate closings to report. First off, Eater pointed out yesterday that Webster Street Cafe, which replaced the much loved Kith & Kin back in July, has actually been quiet for the past two weeks. The restaurant never gained the same kind of following as its predecessor, and the owners, Moe and Ash Taleb, even admitted to Eater that they probably “shouldn’t have opened it after Kith & Kin.”

Also, LTHForum confirms that Al Primo Canto on Devon is no more. The Brazilian restaurant opened in 2007 and was know for its abundance of grilled meat. The restaurant’s second location in the River North actually closed earlier this year.

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Both Webster Street Cafe and Al Primo Canto Close