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Watch the Making of the World’s Longest Bratwurst

Photo: courtesy of YouTube

Chicago’s sausage supremacy is safe. A couple weeks ago, the Berghoff announced its intentions to create the world’s longest bratwurst for the 26th annual Oktoberfest in the Loop — and also to help raise money for the Mercy Home for Boys & Girls. On Thursday, the sausage was stretched to the max on a massive grill in Federal Center Plaza, and it unfurled to an impressive 47-feet and 3-inches long. According to the World Records Academy, that “sets the world record for the longest bratwurst.” Don’t believe us? Check out the video for proof.

The sausage ended up weighing 40 pounds, and was made from a mixture of pork and beef, along with salt, black pepper, whole marjoram, sugar, and paprika. It was housed in a 50-foot long bun, which took approximately 35 pounds of dough to create. While impressive, it doesn’t quite touch the hem of the world’s longest regular sausage, which went on for 36.75 miles. Still, we are very proud. Watch how the massive encased meat was constructed below.

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Watch the Making of the World’s Longest Bratwurst