Wabi-Sabi Will Remain the Same, Says Owner

Wabi-Sabi Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Abbot Kinney’s Wabi-Sabi has had an ownership change application attached to its facade for a few months now. These signs always set off alarm bells in us food news bloggers, as parchment typically portends news. But in a Yo! Venice! forum discussion, Wabi-Sabi owner Bruce Horwitz counters Eater’s recent scuttlebutt that his sushi spot is closing to become Belle Peche under Tasting Kitchen chef Casey Lane. What does Horowitz have to say?

The owner claims that the ownership change application is a formality that follows the tragic passing of Stephanie Tapis, one of the restaurant’s founders. Horwitz explains:

Just to clear the air, that Public Notice for Change of Ownership sign has nothing to do with the Tasting Kitchen. It’s there because of the recent untimely death of one of Wabisabi’s founders, Stephanie Talpis. When something like this happens, the Dept. of Alcohol and Beverage Control requires this posting which simply states that a new Wabisabi, LLC is taking over for the old Wabisabi, LLC, hence the applicant for the change of ownership is WABISABI, LLC. If the Tasting Kitchen were taking over Wabisabi, the applicant would be THE TASTING KITCHEN. There are lots of rumors about the Tasting Kitchen taking over Wabi, but they are just that, rumors. Wabi-sabi isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Our extensive Abbot Kinney intelligence network has heard the specific rumors that Lane is coming to Wabi-Sabi for a while now as well. But for now, at least according to Horowitz, the rumor remains just that.

Tasting Kitchen to Take over Wabi-Sabi! [Yo! Venice!]

Wabi-Sabi Will Remain the Same, Says Owner