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Things Might Get Boozier on Echo Park Ave.

If my ironic, goofy hat fails at the party, there's always beer...
If my ironic, goofy hat fails at the party, there’s always beer… Photo: Cyrus Bulsara via Flickr,/a>

It looks like Echo Park-ians could have a few new places to dip their funny mustaches into some beer and wine, as The Eastsider reports that the neighborhood planning commission is supporting beer and wine applications by Jason Michaud’s forthcoming Red Hill and Fix Coffee, both on Echo park Avenue. Over on Sunset, Xoia’s own efforts to serve a little hooch have also gained the support of the Greater Echo Park Elysian Neighborhood Council’s land use committee. All three endorsements could provide crucial support to the restaurants’ efforts as final approvals approach. So far, the neighborhood council has also side-stepped a potential bullet fired from a familiar face.

The applications did cause a spot of controversy in Echo Park, as residents have expressed fears of an increase in drunken behavior and more crime as a result. While the above restaurants should be able to control its customers, the neighborhood council wisely kept 7-11 still short of gaining any rights to sell beer and wine itself. The council will consider whether to support the colossal convenience chain peddling its middling beer selection and crappier wine here in an October session. 7-11, for its part, has threatened to withhold all of its crappy products here if it can’t push a little juice to the neighborhood.

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Things Might Get Boozier on Echo Park Ave.