Tamaya Closes at Mitsuwa, What Should Take Its Place?

Tamaya took everything but their signage
Tamaya took everything but their signage Photo: Tatiana Arbogast

Centinela’s Mitsuwa food court again has a gaping hole in its western flank. Tamaya, the uninspired rice bowl restaurant that opened in place of slightly more inspired Bella Pasta, is officially done for, having removed everything but its cow-head-in-a-rice bowl logo (probably the best thing to emerge from this small business). Staff from a neighboring food stand calls the space “cursed” but are fairly certain another eatery is already slated for its slot, though they haven’t been let in on the details. But as the raging popularity of ramen spot Santouka proves, curses aren’t really the problem around here, so much as the varying quality of the occupants.

In fact, Tamaya’s shutter could likely be great news for Japanese food fans who want to see similar Santouka quality applied to another great Japanese lunch genre. So, we ask you readers, what would you like to see take Tamaya’s place? A Japanese curry stand? A second home for slammed Gottsui? A permanent place for takoyaki?

If we had our way (and don’t worry, we won’t), we’d vote for some sort of superior ceviche, sashimi, and poke station to balance out the market’s own meh selection of sushi rolls. Please let us know what you’d like to see replace Tamaya at Mitsuwa in our comments.

Tamaya Closes at Mitsuwa, What Should Take Its Place?