Take a Look at the Winners from the Common Threads Cook Off

Guests packed Fulton’s on the River last night for the first ever Common Threads Cook Off, which featured dozens of local chefs, including Stephanie Izard, Todd Stein, and Giuseppe Tentori. While the event was all for charity, it was also a competition, as the chefs tried to win in four different categories — in a glass, in a shell, on a bun, and on a stick. We have the full list of winners below, along with a slidshow of some of the more stunning dishes served up last night.

Common Threads Cook Off Winners

Sashimi Cocktail Cup
Union Sushi + Barbeque Bar
Chao Thapthimkuna

Oysters Rockefeller
Public House
David Blonsky

Crispy Mini Short Rib Tacos
Hub 51
Mike Bellovich

Ice Cream Sammy
Sarah Grueneberg

Tempura Short Rib with Unagi Sauce, Firecracker Sauce & Chives
Scott Halverson
The chefs from Table Fifty-Two dipped a ​Lustre Elstar apple in bacon caramel and then topped it with curried peanuts and caramel popcorn. 
Union Sushi + Barbeque Bar’s chef Chao Thapthimkuna won the In A Glass category with this colorful dish. 
The scallop from Davanti Enoeca was served in its shell with nduja salsa verde and crispy fava beans.  Photo: 1
Stephanie Izard was there from Girl & The Goat to prepare the dish. 
All the campaigning for votes helped, as Grueneberg won the On a Bun category. 
Guiseppe Tentori from GT Fish & Oyster was also on hand to serve this dish. 
These tacos from chef Mike Bellwich at Hub51 won the In a Shell category. 
The dessert was constructed by Scott Gerken from the Four Seasons
From C-House
The dessert was created by Sarah Koskowski from Sixteen
Take a Look at the Winners from the Common Threads Cook Off