Free Lunch

Square 1682 is Giving Away 200 Free Lunches To-Go

Boxed Lunches; Get Yours!
Boxed Lunches; Get Yours! Photo: Courtesy of Punch Media

There are few things in this city that evoke a response like free food. Free drinks will usually draw a crowd, but give away a Krispy Kreme and there’s people camped out on the street. Go figure. Next week, it’s a free lunch to-go at Square 1682, said the restaurant’s pr rep.

To celebrate the seventh season premier of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” Guillermo Tellez of Square 1682 will be passing out 200 free “It’s Always Sunny Chicken Sandwich,” lunches on the corner of 17th & Sansom, on Thursday, September 15, at 11am.

Each crispy chicken breast sandwich is topped with a sunny side up egg, frisee and a bacon-soy vinigrette, and comes with a house baked chocolate-cherry blondie. And a bag of chips.

Mark your calendars.

Square 1682 is Giving Away 200 Free Lunches To-Go