Sonoma Winemaker to Be Next Bachelor; U.S. Wine Sales Up, Especially the Boxed Stuff

“I love the Bachelor!” Photo: iStockphoto

• Sonoma winemaker (and rejected Bachelorette contestant) Ben Flajnik has signed on for the next season of The Bachelor, and Sonoma County wineries are getting all excited about the press coverage. [NBC, Earlier]

• With the big holiday wine-buying season still to come, domestic wine sales are up 7 percent over last year; premium boxed wine shows the fastest growth. [Wines and Vines]

Jordan Winery, which has been doing some high-quality vlogging of late, gives us a time-lapse video of Cabernet grapes showing the process known as veraison — the onset of ripening in which grapes turn from green to deep purple. [Jordan Winery Blog]

• Francis Ford Coppola’s big “winery park” and swimming pool in northern Sonoma are going strong in their first full summer open to the public. [SF Chronicle]

• Seasoned wine critic and collector Matt Kramer declares that he’s stopped buying expensive wine, and is selling off the most valuable stuff in his collection, because he has “an almost urgent taste for emotions of surprise … [and] expensive wines rarely offer that element” for him anymore. [Wine Spectator]

• It’s been said many times that “moderate” drinking is healthful, but does that mean you can drink immoderately a few days a week and still have it average out just fine? [Chicago Tribune]

• Over at the New York Times, Eric Asimov rounded up the city’s best “inexpensive” wine lists this week, which for New York means under $50 a bottle. [NYT]

Sonoma Winemaker to Be Next Bachelor; U.S. Wine Sales Up, Especially