San Francisco Nudists Asked to Please Cover Themselves In Restaurants

“Wait, his name’s Wiener?” Photo: NBC

A proposal by one of S.F.’s Board of Supervisors would make life for the city’s hardcore nudists a little less free. Supervisor Scott Wiener (we know), who represents the Castro district and part of the Haight, has introduced legislation that, among other things, would require nudists to cover their “genitals, buttocks” and “anal region” before entering a restaurant. Sounds reasonable to us!

Public nudity being somewhat of a protected right here in liberal S.F., and totally condoned at events like Bay to Breakers and Folsom Street Fair, no one wants to suggest a crackdown on these several gentlemens’ rights to bare themselves in the sun — and yes, it’s just a few dudes who tend to hang out in and around the Castro. But Wiener is responding to the increased visibility of these guys in the public plaza at 17th and Castro, and asks that they at least put a “barrier” between themselves and any chairs they sit on, and to throw a little something on before going into Orphan Andy’s for a milkshake. But going into Twin Peaks for a beer is still cool.

The nudists are scoffing a bit. One of the more visible of their ilk, 65-year-old George Davis, tells the Examiner, “It’s just codifying what is already nudist etiquette,” said Davis.

Speaking of Orphan Andy’s, NBC Bay Area pays a visit there to ask an employee and a customer what they think of Wiener’s proposed legislation. Their answer: “His name’s Wiener?”

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San Francisco Nudists Asked to Please Cover Themselves In Restaurants