Roxbury Gets A (Really Amazing-Looking) BBQ Truck

Mmmmm. Photo: istockphoto

Several weeks ago, we spotlighted several of our favorite barbecue spots across the city. All of our picks were carefully vetted (we’re still popping Tums) and delicious to be sure … but, sadly, Spoon hadn’t launched when we revealed our list. And we would have loved to include them. Because, well, this sleek smoker on wheels, parked at the Mall of Roxbury, looks good.

Why? Well, beyond the typical plates (pulled pork, ribs), they have a couple of intriguing sandwiches: Chicken with “white sauce” and a double burger with house-made Thousand Island sauce (we have a weakness for Thousand Island dressing), plus BBQ tacos. But what we’re really thrilled by—and yes, we’re salivating here—they also sell bacon scallion hush puppies.

Sigh. The truck is parked at 333 Warren St., which isn’t the most convenient lunchtime location, but we’re also happy to note that the truck will surface at various food fests over the coming months. And, really, we’d travel anywhere for bacon scallion hush puppies. Thanks to BRT for letting us know that they’ve finally opened!

Spoon Opens in Roxbury [BRT]

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Roxbury Gets A (Really Amazing-Looking) BBQ Truck