Questlove Is Cooking, But No One Knows What

Questlove Photo: EUGENE MIM/Patrick McMullan

Roots drummer Ahmir Questlove Thompson has something cooking, but he’s not saying exactly what, nor is anyone else. Grubs caught up with him last night at HTC Serves Up NYC, a product launch paired with food and technology at Highline Stages, where the drummer, producer and Late Night With Jimmy Fallon bandleader hinted that he was working on “doing a few food ventures” of his own here in Philly. Though he was more candid about his technology faux pas — he told us that he mistakenly sent Rashida Jones about 20 photos from his hip by accident the other night at the Emmys — he was more cagey when it came to his still shrouded in mystery Quest Loves Food project and an equally mysterious upcoming food event. “I can’t let it out of the bag, but I’m sort of here to do some research,” Questo told Grub Street. “Actually, you’ll know about it in about a month.”

Just exactly what this event is that Questo refers to, or if such a thing is actually in the works, remains unclear. We know he held a cookoff here back in April to find a chef for said food project. And his ? Drumstick, which proved to be one of the biggest hits at last week’s Feastival, will make an appearance at the Food Bazar at this weekend’s Popped! Music Festival. Lily Cope, the Executive Director of Audrey Claire Taichman’s newly launched Cook, said Quest will also debut a few other items from the Quest Loves Food line during his sold-out event there on Sunday.

Alexis Rosenzweig, a Project Manager with Cool Hunter LLC., the Roots management company, said there’s no event in the works for next month. “Right now we’re in the branding stages of what [Quest Loves Food] is,” Rosenzweig told Grub Street. “We’re looking at a lot of different things, but at this moment we’re focusing on recipe testing and development and branding.”

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Questlove Is Cooking, But No One Knows What