Phantom Gourmet or Phluff: Pick Your Poison, Unbuckle Your Pants

A very big culinary weekend is upon us, so begin fasting immediately! The Phantom Gourmet Food Festival happens on Saturday near Fenway Park, and Somerville’s annual What the Fluff? Festival (Somerville is the birthplace of fluff, you know) happens on Saturday, too.

We like to make fun of the Phantom Gourmet and his passion for greasy places like the Kowloon and penchant for posing aimless rhetorical questions on Twitter (“If you were a mozzarella stick, what kind of mozzarella stick would you be?”). Yet: The festival is very popular. Basically, this is your chance to inhale the Phantom’s favorite foods—naughty, pubbish stuff, like a nacho bar from Tequila Rain and hot dogs from Spike’s. Tickets are $40 in advance and $50 on-site. (Go here for more info.)

A few miles away in Union Square, the Fluff Fest promises…well…tons of fluff! We’re mainly intrigued by the costume contest, though: “Think you’ve got what it takes to be crowned this year’s Pharaoh? With our 70s theme and in honor of this year’s VIP Allee Willis, candidates for Pharaoh are invited to rework the lyrics to Allee’s hit with Earth, Wind and Fire, September. You will have a change to perform on stage with our band Booty Vortex, to curry favor from your potential Fluffy subjects.” (To learn more about the fluff fest, and more about Booty Vortex, and more about the Pharaoh of Fluff costume contest, go here.)

So, needless to say, it’s going to be a very busy weekend for us. The Phantom fest kicks off at noon and the Fluff fest happens at 3, leaving plenty of time to shuttle between the two events.

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Phantom Gourmet or Phluff: Pick Your Poison, Unbuckle Your Pants