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Peachy: Má Pêche Online Ordering Revamped; Momo Australia’s Name Explained

The fuzz.
The fuzz.

Those pork buns on the Upper West Side aren’t the only Momofuku news these days. If you head over to the restaurant group’s main website, you’ll see two other interesting things. First up: Momofuku Midtown Má Pêche appears to have recently overhauled its once-frustrating system for ordering lunch to go. Head here, order your food, pay with a credit card, and pick up the order at the restaurant’s front bar. There’s even a convenient-sounding group-order function, so your whole office can team-build while buying bánh mìs together. Now, what’s the over/under on how long before they finally start doing delivery, too? We’ll put it at four more months.

Also worth mentioning is that the name of the upcoming Australian Momo outpost now graces the site: Momofuku Seiōbo. The name itself has been out there for a while, but now an FAQ helpfully tells us that Seiōbo is the Japanese goddess of the west and that her sign is (you guessed it) a peach tree. More interesting might be the fact that they’re also looking for a junior sous-chef at the new place. Anyone interested in moving to a place where the toilets flush the wrong direction should apply here.

Má Pêche ordering [Fork in the Road/VV]
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Peachy: Má Pêche Online Ordering Revamped; Momo Australia’s Name