Are Pancakes the Great Equalizer?

Breakfast of presidential champions?
Breakfast of presidential champions? Photo: istockphoto

Apparently Mitt Romney hopes so. The wealthy presidential hopeful, sometimes accused of being a bit “stiff,” has pulled his wife into the fray in an attempt to present a more folksy, homespun image. Because, you see, she makes pancakes.

ABC News reports from the front lines of a recent campaign pit stop/pancake breakfast in New Hampshire: “Ann Romney, his wife of 42 years, stood with him, spatula in hand, wearing the same white apron and the comfortable smile of a woman who spent countless mornings flipping flapjacks for five hungry sons.” In fact, she told the crowd, “Believe it or not, I served pancakes nearly every morning before the kids went to school.”

What a lady! So does this mean she won’t crusade against childhood obesity like Michelle Obama?

Romney Uses Wife’s Story to Connect With Voters [ABC]

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Are Pancakes the Great Equalizer?