Nutter Sticks to His Guns and Turns Down ‘Big Soda’ Money

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Though he lost the battle against sugary soft drinks back in June, Mayor Michael Nutter still isn’t giving in to “Big Soda.” The Inky reports that the Nutter Administration, which has been praised by some for its progressive, multi-pronged crusade to curb diet-related diseases, has declined an offer from Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to fund anti-obesity programs. Why? Because the money comes from a $10 million grant from a foundation created by the soft drink industry. The same industry that fought hard to derail Nutter’s attempts to impose a two-cents-per-ounce tax on soda and other sweetened drinks.

While some City Council members, like Jim Kenney and Bill Green, are criticizing the mayor for holding a grudge, others, like Blondell Reynolds Brown, are standing by Nutter and his decision. Reynolds Brown is quoted in the piece saying that the city has come up with funding to fight childhood obesity, “in its own way.”

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Nutter Sticks to His Guns and Turns Down ‘Big Soda’ Money