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The LAPD Pulled a Gun on Gordon Ramsay

Welcome to L.A.!
Welcome to L.A.! Photo: Gordon Ramsay Submissions via Flickr

Mark another milestone for new Angeleno Gordon Ramsay, as the chef says he just had his first gun pulled on him by the LAPD (sniff, we’re so proud!). You may recall, this is the second time Gordo has been held at gunpoint in the last twelve months, following his recent capture by a gang of rogue fishermen while filming in Costa Rica. So, how did Ramsay find himself on the wrong end of a barrel this time?

Gordo tells the Sun that he had a brief flashback to Britain and, nothing big, just happened to start driving down the wrong side of the street in his new Maserati. As to be expected, a car of police were slightly perturbed by this and pulled him over. After Ramsay called the cops a bunch of no-good donkeys calmly exited the vehicle, an officer pulled out his weapon and pointed it at the chef, because, well, only a crazy person high on meth gets out of the car when they’re pulled over. The officer screamed at him and Ramsay, who had no I.D., was more than a little freaked out. So, how did Gordo dodge a bullet?

Fortunately, fame saved the celeb chef’s life, when passers-by started calling out his name. Good thing, lest we have to mourn both Gordon Ramsay and his dwarf-porn doppelgänger in the same week.

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The LAPD Pulled a Gun on Gordon Ramsay