Neighbors Are Perplexed Over Rachael Ray’s Pears

Ain't that a peach?
Ain’t that a peach? Photo: Collin Keefe

So, if like us, you wondered what the significance of “Passyunk’s Finest Pears” and depictions of said fruit along with mountain scenery portrayed in one of the murals overlooking the garden plot Rachael Ray’s crews built in a vacant South Philly lot has to do with the neighborhood, or for that matter the city as whole, you’re not alone. According to Daily News writer Lauren McCutcheon, many of the neighbors were left scratching there heads too.

Turns out, it’s all about the letter ‘P.’ You see, the “artist” behind the work, one of Rach’s lackeys who was put in charge of the paintings because the show’s producers didn’t want to pay Philly’s Mural Arts to do them, thought pears would be peachy since they start with the same letter as Passyunk Ave. Perhaps peaches, or for that matter, pizza would’ve made a more meaningful mural.

Oh, and the insult to injury regarding Rach’s decision to turn the garden over to a group located in Camden, NJ? They don’t want it. Why? Because its too far away from their base of operations.
They got a new garden & a mural … so now what? [Daily News]

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Neighbors Are Perplexed Over Rachael Ray’s Pears