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Model-Cum-Killer-Cannibal Seeks Early Release

Finger lickin' good!
Finger lickin’ good! Photo: Composite Character via Flickr

Everybody now: “Whooa here she comes, she’s a maaan-eater!” Omaima Aree Nelson, an Egyptian-born former model serving time for killing (and eating some of) her husband in Costa Mesa over Thanksgiving weekend in 1991, is seeking early release after serving 20 years of a 27-to-life sentence in Northern Cali’s Chowchilla State Prison. In what one former Orange County police sergeant calls “the most gruesome case” he saw in 32 years, Nelson killed the man she’d been married to for just a month. Then, perhaps tired of Thanksgiving leftovers, she made a feast out of her hubby, sizzling his head on the stove, frying his hands in oil, and skinning his torso. Facing a parole hearing next Wednesday, what will Nelson argue for her release?

The L.A. Times reports that Nelson has long maintained that she was a victim of domestic violence and claims that her husband raped her the night preceding his murder. She claims the abuse and sexual assault made her snap, leading to his killing. If it’s true, then yes, the man totally deserved the Willem Dafoe in Antichrist treatment .

But it’s still a little unclear how a crime-of-passion leads to full-on cannibalism. We’re slightly more inclined to believe that she may have tried eating human before since, as we all know, once you taste human flesh, you’ll do almost anything for another bite. Either way, it seems unlikely that Aree Nelson will be paroled, given the shocking nature of her crime. Now what’s for lunch?

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Model-Cum-Killer-Cannibal Seeks Early Release