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Michael Cimarusti Confesses: ‘I Am a Real Hop-Head’

The chef's favorite
The chef’s favorite Photo: Edwin.Bautista via Flickr

We already knew Michael Cimarusti is a Deadhead. Now we find out he’s also an irredeemable hop-head who frequents Alhambra for a fix. In an interview with Food Republic, the Providence chef dishes on his old co-worker, Marc Murphy, the owner of NYC’s Landmarc and Ditch Plains, and a frequent star on Chopped. Unfortunately, Cimarusti can’t reveal any ribald tales from the days when he and Murphy ran the Gotham streets, nor does he answer the question about Silver Spoon that’s on many an Angeleno mind these days. What does he reveal?

Questioned as to where he sees himself in ten years, the chef details that he’d still like to be running Providence, with no mention of a Claim Jumper-like chain that has its flagship in West Hollywood, though if he had his dreams really come true, he might bring a seafood restaurant to Tokyo.

When the story suddenly goes all local, we find out that Cimarusti has a pronounced passion for the golden state’s beer scene. Asked what people may find in his fridge that would surprise them, Cimarusti states, “A whole lotta beer. I’m a real hophead. Love California IPAs.”

Following suit with a restaurant recommendation, we’re surprised to hear we may find chef Cimarusti in Alhambra’s favorite watering hole, rather than at a fancy 90210 sushi spot. The chef claims, “I go to 38 Degrees here in Los Angeles. It’s a great neighborhood pub with a large craft beer selection. They have my all-time favorite beer on tap year-round—Pliny the Elder by Russian River Brewing.”

All of which leads us to one premature theory. Might that Silver Spoon project be a prospective beer bar that celebrates Japanese and Cali microbrews and a seafood-centric bar menu? Hey, a blog can always dream too.

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Michael Cimarusti Confesses: ‘I Am a Real Hop-Head’