Mexicali Tacos & Co. Leaves Downtown Safe-Haven

Mexicali Tacos & Co.
Mexicali Tacos & Co. Photo: Erich Redson via L.A. Taco

Disturbing news on the meat and tortilla front this morning over at L.A. Taco, as the blog reports that our city’s favored Mexicali Taco & Co. is leaving its position at 1st and Beaudry, a precarious one just a stone’s throw from the health department that still managed to serve this incredible outfit of Baja-originated taco, vampiro, and cachetada (oh, those cachetadas!) makers for over two years. Que lastima!

The “restaurant” claims that new parking regulations require them to pack it up and march on, but many promises are being made over Twitter to pop-up around the city and to eventually resurface. Until then, we’ll dream of the giant tree trunk chopping block and pillars of garlic-tinted smoke overtaking us as we wait for the crew’s glorious asada, chicken, and chorizo behind a soundtrack of dubious techno. Here’s hoping Mexicali sees a swift return to business!

End of an Era: Taco Madness 2011 Winner Mexicali Taco & Co. Closes (For Now) [L.A. Taco]

Mexicali Tacos & Co. Leaves Downtown Safe-Haven