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Medjool Rooftop Bar Finally Made Legal

Hopefully heat lamps won't be necessary this month?
Hopefully heat lamps won’t be necessary this month?

The two-and-a-half-year-long nightmare bother is over for entrepreneur Gus Murad, who’s been operating the al fresco rooftop bar at his Mission restaurant Medjool without the consent of the Planning Commission since 2005. They slapped him on the wrist and threatened to make him close the roof in 2009 — after it was discovered that the restaurant had never obtained the proper permit for use of the roof and subsequently began to annoy a neighboring Buddhist center — but now, as of yesterday, the commission has finally, officially approved the rooftop bar in a five-to-one vote. And just in time for our actual summer!

As Mission Local reports, the politically connected Murad still faces the possibility of an appeal by the annoyed neighbors, and he can no longer host parties up there featuring live music.

Murad could not be reached for comment, however we know that he’s still bitter about this whole situation, ever since he quit the Small Business Commission in a huff and resigned from the Business Improvement District. In addition to the kerfuffle over the rooftop, Murad remains pissed that his plan to build condos over the nearby Giant Value got nixed, prompting him to sell off the property and put Medjool up for sale as well. As far as we understand, it’s still on the market, only the new owner won’t have this conditional use permit hanging over their heads anymore.

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