McDonald’s Tries Out ‘Green’ Stores; Do We Dare to Eat a Peacherine?

• McDonald’s may be pretty much the worst thing that ever happened to the South American rain forests, but don’t worry, the chain has rolled out two “green” stores, so that makes up for it. [NRN]

• If you still dare to read nutrition labels, here are the five most important scary chemicals to avoid. Hint: Aspartame is one, diet soda lovers. [Miami Herald]

• Take note, Food Network fanatics: In a study, most celebrity-chef-branded packaged foods, like Emeril’s sauces, disappointed consumers. [HuffPo]

• From Franny’s to Gramercy Tavern, Eric Asimov has the city’s best affordable wine lists. [NYT]

• There are tiny creatures living in our intestinal tracts, and a new study shows that we host two primary bacterial strains, whose preponderance depends on what kind of diet we consume. [Healthland/Time]

• People are breeding some craaaazy fruits these days, and actually, it’s kind of awesome. Peacherine, anyone? [WSJ]

McDonald’s Tries Out ‘Green’ Stores; Do We Dare to Eat a