Lucky Few Get Pump Room Preview

Still in preview mode.
Still in preview mode. Photo: courtesy of Pump Room

As we mentioned back on Monday, the Pump Room is kind of open and ready to go. The menu is out, and reservations are being taken. But it’s still in what is called “preview mode,” meaning that we won’t be getting a look at most of the dishes until the grand opening on October 11. Luckily, some people have already gotten inside, and they are able to give us a sense of what to expect.

Phil Vettel penned the longest article about the new space. There are no white tablecloths here, just “grainy, bleached-oak tables,” which are illuminated by “hundreds of glowing orbs.” He admits that it “doesn’t look like the Pump Room or feel like the Pump Room.” But the “less intimidating look” makes the place feel “friendly and affordable.”

Shia Kapos from Crain’s claims that an invitation to the preview dinners has been hard to get, but that the “efforts seem to be working in creating a lot of buzz for the hotel.” Among the lucky guests have been former Playboy CEO Christie Hefner, real estate businessman William Marovitz, and arts philanthropist Jean Goldman.

Candace Jordan, a former Playboy model and current fashion and society writer, wrote a long blog post about it, and managed to take some pretty cool pictures. Kevin Boehm, the co-owner of the Boka Restaurant Group, also got a chance to dine. Afterward, he tweeted that the “room is gorgeous and food is great.”

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Lucky Few Get Pump Room Preview