It’s Brunch Time at the Langham

Mmmm…Benedict. Photo: The Langham, Boston

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: chocolate bar time! The Langham kicks off their 23rd annual “Chocolate Bar” this weekend, with concoctions that make us blush. And, at their City Brunch, Eggs Benedict!

This year’s Chocolate Bar menu is called “Chocolate Intensity,” which sounds kind of like a roller coaster for junk-food junkies. The entire enterprise does sound pretty intense, actually: five interactive dessert stations with nibbles boasting varying degrees of cocoa (from zero to 80 percent!), plus a DJ, plus whoopie pies! (There’s also a kids’ station, which we plan to avoid unless fortified by multiple chocolate martinis.)

The brunch happens on Saturdays through June. And on Sundays starting this weekend, the Langham hosts the aforementioned City Brunch, which is basically the most lavish scarf-fest in the city, with everything from sushi to lobster to waffles to chefs who make miracle omelettes. You’ll find us swimming in the chocolate fountain.

Brunch at Cafe Fleuri [Langham]

It’s Brunch Time at the Langham