Kenny Loggins Comes to Wine Country This Weekend; ‘World’s Heaviest Mother’ Decides to Lose Weight

• Here’s a few last-minute ideas for spending a part of your Labor Day weekend up in wine country, including an appearance by Kenny Loggins! [7x7]

• Local bloggers the Bunrabs visit a food cart pod in Portland, in particular a little house on wheels that calls itself Lardo. [Bunrab]

Cotogna gets the Journal treatment. [WSJ - subscription required]

• A plan in its early stages in San Francisco would transform street parking spaces in “pooplets” — translucent public toilet structures for the homeless where human waste would be collected and turned into plant fertilizer. Given what those in the Tenderloin tend to ingest daily, we doubt this could be considered organic. [Bay Citizen]

• “World’s Heaviest Mother” Donna Simpson has turned tables and wants to start losing weight, on a reality TV show, naturally. [NYDN]

• Should she change her mind about that, a new sandwich at Denny’s should be the first thing she eats: The Mac ‘n Cheese Big Daddy Patty Melt is a beef patty topped with macaroni and cheese and more melted cheddar cheese, on potato bread. [NYDN]

• Research shows that a lighter midday meal can shave off pounds, even when subjects eat normally the rest of the day. Salad lunch! [Independent UK]

• Though increasingly vilified, salt is also called out more and more as an ingredient on menus. Raise the roof for Himalayan sea salt. [NRN]

Kenny Loggins Comes to Wine Country This Weekend; ‘World’s Heaviest