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Justin Bieber Takes Selena Gomez to Hooter’s; Oliver Stone Brings Cast to Katsuya

“Girl, I’m taking you to Hooter’s tonight.” Photo: Americanistadechiapas via Flickr

Justin Bieber clearly wants to have his buffalo wings and eat them too. The hopeless romantic dragged his girlfriend Selena Gomez to an L.A. Hooters this week, where his older woman snapped a few photos of him reading the menu. What’s that they say about money’s shortcomings in buying taste? Elsewhere, Oliver Stone took a break from filming Savages in O.C. by bringing the heavy-duty cast to Katsuya Laguna Beach, with Benicio del Toro and Emile Hirsch at his table. Meanwhile, David Arquette, showing his true Angeleno roots, grabbed a dish of bulgogi and quinoa at Fresheast, a marked change from his days spent spinning dwarves around The Roosevelt. Where else were celebs eating in L.A. this week? Take a look!

Boa: Paris Hilton took her moms out to dinner last night. [Zimbio]

Casa Vega: Marc Walberg and two other dudes had lunch, and finished it all off with churros. [GS]

Fresheast: David Arquette ate bulgogi with quinoa for dinner on Monday. [GS]

Hooter’s: Justin Bieber brought Selena Gomez out for dinner. What a romantic! [Hollywood Life]

Katsuya Laguna Beach: Oliver Stone was eating with Benicio Del Toro, Emile Hirsch, Joel David Moore, and Aaron Johnson during a break from the shooting of Savages. [GS]

La Piazza: Ashley Greene stopped by for lunch. [Simply Celeb Pics]

Mozza: David Beckham sped off on a Ducati after dinner. [Daily Mail UK]

O! Burger: Anne Hathaway took her dude for veggie burgers. [People]

Pavilion’s: You must honor Lou Ferrigno’s coupons or you’ll make him angry. And you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry. [The Superficial]

Silverspoon: Jennifer Love Hewitt had dinner with a new boyfriend. [Celebuzz]

Sushi Roku: Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie had a dinner date in Pasadena. [GS]

The Counter: Sean Penn took his girl out for sodas and burgers then ordered pizza in Mr. Hand’s class. [People]

Tres: Jennifer Love Hewitt had dinner here over the past weekend. [GS]

Justin Bieber Takes Selena Gomez to Hooter’s; Oliver Stone Brings Cast to