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Will Joe Tecce’s Make a Comeback?

It was good enough for Ol' Blue Eyes.
It was good enough for Ol’ Blue Eyes. Photo: Fotos International / Getty Images

Beleaguered Joe Tecce’s restaurant, once a favorite of dead icons like Frank Sinatra and Elizabeth Taylor, is having major financial problems. As we told you a few months ago, they’re $500,000 in debt (a predicament they pin squarely on the Big Dig, since sales plummeted because nobody, especially not La Liz, wanted to dine in the middle of a construction zone). Now, however, the tide might be changing.

The Herald reports that the restaurant will close temporarily as its building is converted to condos; the owners say that renovating the space and selling the condos (presumably to people who don’t mind the constant aroma of garlic) will yank the company out of Chapter 11.

It’s nice to know that one Boston landmark might make a comeback (hopefully the food will get a little upgrade, too); things don’t look nearly so promising for financially struggling Kennedy haunt Anthony’s Pier 4, which might be razed to make room for a public park.

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Will Joe Tecce’s Make a Comeback?