Jet Wine Bar to Host a Midnight Lobster & Riesling Party

Lobstah! Photo:

Jet Wine Bar has decided on one last summer hurrah before buckling back down for the fall. And who can blame them? This rainy week doesn’t do much in the way of motivation. Jill Weber, Jet’s owner, reached out to let Grub Street know about this Thursday’s midnight wine and lobster party.

This Thursday, September 8, (technically September 9) from 12am - 2am, Jet will be hosting the final event in its Summer of Riesling series.

“It’s a fun way to introduce the Domaine Mittnacht [midnight] wines,” said Weber. “And it’s great for industry people who are just getting off of work and want to do something fun.”

Jet will be showcasing Domaine Mittnacht Riesling 2009 and Domaine Mittnacht Gyotaku. Decide which you’d like and it’s just $5 a glass for the duration of the late-night event.

Each of the designated wines pairs perfectly with the Maine lobster dishes Jet’s kitchen will also be preparing;

Lobster Ceviche $6
Lobster Quesadilla $5
Lobster and Filet Skewers $10
Lobster Empanada with Avocado $5

Jet Wine Bar to Host a Midnight Lobster & Riesling Party