Introducing The Cereal Truck, For Anyone Who Struggles With A Milk Carton

The Cereal Truck
The Cereal Truck Photo: The Cereal Truck

Really? Are you cereal? A new food truck concept is being whipped up by two local businessman who think they’ve nailed the niche that will upend the food truck playing field. It’s a cereal truck and yes, it’s even called The Cereal Truck. Kind of like the Venice restaurant Flake, this appears to be a business for anyone too lazy to pry the cupboard open every morning, lift the heavy box of oats, pull the weighty fridge door ajar, then struggle to align the mouth of the milk carton over their bowl then figure the correct proportions of bovine lactate on top. The owners actually recognize that a lot of people already hate this idea, but argue “I remember a time; people wouldn’t leave their house for frozen yogurt,” which doesn’t really make sense since fro-yo isn’t exactly a common household item.

Still, the creators of The Cereal Truck feel that it’s much better to be hated than ignored and are currently testing various models to dispense cereal from a vehicle that will honor the kinds of Saturday mornings kids once had, before Pikimon and Pikachu became the standards for U.S. cartoons. In an early mock-up, the thing even boasts video game controllers and what looks like a prematurely-ejaculating remote control of some sort (we didn’t have those in the eighties!).

The plan here is to carry a selection of 15 to 20 kinds of cereal, with a whole range of candy toppings, nuts, and fruit, and eight varieties of milk. Yes, that’s right, eight kinds of milk. We tend to think anyone who wants strawberry milk on their cereal does not deserve special treatment, but then again, we’re not the ones with our own cereal truck in the first place. Also, bowls may utilize sippy straws, while the brand plans their own personal online ordering system that allows customers to customize a flavor profile for their own $4 bowl of cereal.

The two owners are busy trying to make this one reality, starting a blog that details the conceptualization of the business, while seeking support to get their project up and running.

Introducing The Cereal Truck, For Anyone Who Struggles With A Milk Carton