The Other Critics

Happy Rooster’s Lobster Roll is a ‘Jackpot; Adam Erace Finds ‘Unfailingly Warm’ Service at Cedar

• Adam Erace’s visit to The Happy Rooster began with gnocchi “surrounded by a viscous, mud-brown sauce, making them look like innocent turtles caught in a sewage leak,” though the “actual gnocchi were the sole bright spot, soft and light as marshmallows.” Erace said that the “jackpot” was the Lobster Roll Sandwich and the shirred eggs were a “a cream-baked diet-killer.” As for the fourty year old ambiance, the “busted maroon booths” were “so saggy you’d think elephants just had sex on them.” [City Paper]

• Over at Cedars, Erace found the service “unfailingly warm and welcoming.” He enjoyed the unexpected “addition of shaved pieces of lamb” in the hummus. And even though the spinach pie “resembled a pile of strange green sea moss washed on some exotic faraway shore,” he wrote that “it tasted delicious.” [Courier Post]

• Midtown Luncher, Jamie, was impressed by “Rotisseur’s trendy, photogenic,completely-devoid-of-that-Vietnamese-counter-sketchiness version of the banh mi” and wrote that it “might be my favorite of all time.” [Midtown Lunch]

• Phyllis made her way over to Talula’s Garden where she found the food runner who “rattled off each ingredient on each plate” to be “truly unprofessional and extremely annoying.” She was also underwhelmed by the “pitifully tiny” portion size of the duck breast and foie gras that was ordered. [South Philly Review]

Happy Rooster’s Lobster Roll is a ‘Jackpot; Adam Erace Finds