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GreenFest Philly Will Be Serving Up Green Eats

Go Green, Eat Green!
Go Green, Eat Green! Photo: Original Courtesy of Facebook

The 6th Annual Greenfest Philly event will set up shop this Saturday, September 10, in Headhouse Square at 2nd & South from 11am - 5pm. There will be informative exhibits, educational resources and eco-conscious products like organic mattresses, sustainable clothes and hand made crafts available for those looking to reduce their carbon footprint, and look stylish while doing so. But it’s the eats that Grub Street is interested in, so here are a few of the green snacks to grab, while wandering this patch of sustainability.

Though the options are few, Festival Director Martin Hage is confident in his vendors. In an interview with Grub Street he gave us some details on what to expect from Mama Maria’s, Gigi & Big R’s Caribbean Soul Food and Cosmic Catering.

“Mama Maria’s is going to be serving an organic chicken dish,” said Hage. “The rest [of the dishes] are all vegetarian.”

Cosmic Catering’s whole thing is that everything is healthy and completely sustainable, he continued.

And as for Gigi & Big R’s Caribbean Soul Food, “everyone can do something to be green,” said Hage, who has convinced the Vendy Cup winners to nix the foam containers and go compostable instead.

Click Here for a List of Exhibitors & GreenFest Philly’s Event Map [greenfestphilly.org]

GreenFest Philly Will Be Serving Up Green Eats