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Graham Elliot Switches Up Menu Format

The New Menu
The New Menu Photo: courtesy of Graham Elliot

Last night, Graham Elliot released a new menu for his eponymous restaurant. With the end of summer, loads of restaurants are doing this now, so we weren’t initially that interested. But this isn’t just some updated menu with a few new dishes. Instead, Elliot has unleashed a brand new menu format, which consolidated the a la carte and various tasting menus into one. According to the restaurant, the new design is meant to “highlight the cohesive nature of our menu as a tasting experience.”

Othe left side of the menu, all of the dishes are listed with their à la carte prices. Then there are three different tasting menu options: 15-course Repertoire ($150), 10-course Collection ($125), and five-course Tasting ($75). It’s kind of impressive that the restaurant was able to squeeze all of the options onto one menu without losing us. Well done. Check out the newly designed menu beow.

Graham Elliot’s New Menu [PDF]

Graham Elliot Switches Up Menu Format