Gino’s East May Purchase Giordano’s

Gino's East Makes a Move
Gino’s East Makes a Move Photo: tribalicious/Flickr

Every time we think we’ve heard the last of Giordano’s long and extremely confusing bankruptcy case, some strange new detail pulls us back in. Luckily there are no anti-government groups to deal with this time. Instead, it looks like Gino’s East — which is one of the most famous purveyors of deep-dish in the city — is in talks to purchase Giordano’s. But don’t worry too much, the stuffed crust pizza chain probably won’t disappear.

According to the Nation’s Restaurant News, Bob Goldin from the market research firm Technomic Inc. said Gino’s East would probably keep Giordano’s open and not convert the locations: “They’re unique properties, and having multiple Gino’s Easts may not be the best strategy … There’s value in scarcity.”

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Gino’s East May Purchase Giordano’s