Georges Perrier to StaphMeal: See You In Court, Whoever You Are!

Georges Perrier
Georges Perrier Photo: uwishunu

It was only a matter of time before this happened: An attorney for Georges Perrier is taking legal action against StaphMeal. The anonymous blog that has stirred some controversy in recent weeks with inflammatory posts — albeit posts poorly written, unsubstantiated and lacking attribution — that take aim at the Le Bec-Fin owner, his onetime employee Shola Olunloyo and practically every other chef and restaurateur in this town who isn’t Jose Garces. According to Philly Gossip, Jonathan Cohen, Perrier’s attorney, has filed a praecipe to issue writ of summons in Common Pleas Court to try to identify the person or persons behind the blog, which he accuses of making allegations of libel, slander and defamation.

Recent posts on the blog have called Perrier a racist, compared him to a murderous pedophile and referred to Olunloyo as “a big, black dick.” In its latest posting, Stephen Starr gets the hatchet treatment, and called a “rapist” for allegedly dipping into employees’ tips. Cohen is quoted saying, “it is our intention to hold people accountable for defamation.” The mysterious person or persons behind Staphmeal counters, saying “they have no case other than scare tactics.” Only time, and perhaps a Court of Common Pleas judge, can say for sure.

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Georges Perrier to StaphMeal: See You In Court, Whoever You Are!