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Gay Coffee to Launch at Castro Street Fair

Photo: Courtesy of Gay Coffee

A new, gay-targeted coffee brand called Gay Coffee is making its West Coast debut at this Sunday’s Castro Street Fair, featuring five comically named blends like Good Morning Mary!, Stone Butch Breakfast Blend, and Red Hanky Roast (see an explanation here if you’re confused). Don’t call it pandering, though, because the company was started by one Melissa Krueger near Smith College as an effort to “take civil rights history and put it on people’s counters,” as the Scoop reports, and one percent of profits are donated to the LGBT Task Force. See the rest of their tongue-in-cheek roast labels below, and ask a homosexual acquaintance if you don’t get the jokes.

At their booth this weekend there’ll be a photo booth for people to pose for future coffee labels. Apparently they’re looking for models for their upcoming Big Bear Blend…

Gay Coffee arrives in San Francisco this weekend [Scoop]

Gay Coffee to Launch at Castro Street Fair