Gargoyles Stays Open … on Facebook, At Least [Updated]

Pour one out for Gargoyles.
Pour one out for Gargoyles. Photo: Gargoyles Afterlife

Scores of loyal fans, us included, were dismayed to learn that Gargoyles has shuttered after a long run in Davis Square. * Thankfully, the restaurant’s spirit (if not their spirits) will live on in cyberspace. One enterprising soul conjured up a Facebook page called “Gargoyles Afterlife,” where patrons can mix and mingle, virtually, with or without the aid of a potent cocktail or two.

People are already eulogizing the beloved haunt: “The “smoking dry martini” will live with me forever,” pens one wistful drinker. “You know you had a good night at Gargoyles when you wake up the next morning smiling & singing Freedom ‘90,” another writes. “My last night at Gargoyles was quite a trip. The next day I felt like I’d been run over by a Davis Sq. Trolley, but sometimes that’s the price you pay,” philosophizes yet another regular.

The restaurant’s last hurrah is tomorrow, but you can keep tabs on their next move (rumors swirl that a new outpost will open in Arlington) and commiserate with other orphaned Gargoyle-ites by requesting to join “Gargoyles afterlife” on FB.

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*This posted has been corrected to show that the restaurant closed over the weekend.

Gargoyles Stays Open … on Facebook, At Least [Updated]