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Forget Wrigley, Check Out the Groupon Building

The Wrigley Building
The Wrigley Building Photo: kgnixer/Flickr

What can a few million daily deals buy for you? How about one of the most iconic buildings in Chicago. According to Crain’s, Groupon is in negotiations to purchase the Wrigley Building on Michigan Avenue, expecting to close the deal next week. The exact price hasn’t been released, but it is expected to be between $35 million and $45 million. That’s not bad for a company that was launched just three years ago.

This sale was rumored last month but was initially denied by the company. But it looks like the fast growing internet company has outgrown its headquarters on 600 W. Chicago Ave and needs a lot more space. Oh, and don’t worry about the name just yet. There is no word on whether the building would be renamed, but we hope not. We are still feel weird every time that the Willis Tower is mentioned.

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Forget Wrigley, Check Out the Groupon Building