First Look Inside Wurstküche Venice, Now Open
Wurstkuche Venice

Herr Here it is, the first full look around Venice’s new location of Wurstküche, which opened yesterday evening for classic brat, themed sausages made with exotic meats, sauerkraut, Belgian fries, and steins full of draft and bottled craft and European beer. In a block-sized brick building that looks like it was made expressly for the popular Downtown biergarten’s westward expansion, there’s a heavy use of wood and exposed elements inside, with an outdoor patio, DJ booth, and an enclosed gem of an aviary beyond the long rows of communal tables. Check out these photos taken just two hours before the restaurant opened, as the Wurstcrëw scrambled to finish construction and cleaning, with still one or two elements yet to be put in place. Once opened, you’ll see the place went not-so-surprisingly nuts, with long lines of young folks clamoring for some ‘Küche. Without further ado, take a look inside of Wurstküche Venice in our slideshow.

Wurstküche, 625 Lincoln Blvd. Venice.

​625 Lincoln Blvd. Venice.
Two hours before opening.
On the left.
Beside the DJ booth.
A nicely lit side room might make a nice place to get away from the crowds, if such a thing were possible here.
An outdoor space was still under crazed construction. It was about this time that owner Tyler Wilson politely asked us (ahem, Venice locals) to abandon our scheduled photo session.
Construction was still only partially complete on the exterior when the doors opened.
Later that night, the place looked like a doppelganger of its Downtown original, with the same long lines clogging up our sidewalks.
This is where customers select and pay for their classic and exotic sausages. We opted for a barbacoa burrito at Valentino’s taco truck across the street where there was no line.
First Look Inside Wurstküche Venice, Now Open