Will Firebrand Saints Be Heavenly?

Smart design. Tasty food?
Smart design. Tasty food? Photo: iStockphoto

Central Kitchen’s Gary Strack is an extremely busy man. Not only is he launching a “social networking restaurant” in Kendall Square—an offshoot of social-networking salon Venture Cafe—he also opened the very stylish Firebrand Saints this week. The BBJ says the restaurant “may be open for business this week”; Urban Daddy reports that it’s soft-open now, with a daily changing menu of things like porchetta sandies and rotisserie chicken. We just hope that the food lives up to the decor.

UD also notes that the “The big draw here is the interior. Think: chairs made from recycled Coke bottles. Tables constructed from old 1980s truck hoods (Ford, GMC, perhaps the rogue Mazda). A bar made from the wood of a 130-year-old New England barn that fell during a hurricane (not Irene). Even a wall devoted to a light-based Etch A Sketch thing that recreates interesting Google street views (no shaking required),” designed in conjunction with MIT. Kooky!

It makes sense that Kendall restaurants will play off their surroundings; after all, most of the people eating there are, well, Mensa members MIT types. Hopefully, though, good food will also figure into the equation.

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Will Firebrand Saints Be Heavenly?